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Eus meeting

Exhibition information Oslo 2023

Dear Sponsor and Exhibitor
The sale for Sponsor packages and Exhibiti
on space is now open.​


Please note that assignment is binding.

Exhibition space Size 1(sqm) 1,5 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Rate NOK 20.000.- incl. 1 free staff member + 25% vat 

For your information this conference has a registration category of both doctors and nurses.
If you by any chance have any pharma prescription product branded elements in the exhibitions 

Please contact us for space in a separate exhibition room.

Please note space without walls.

Would you like to get our sponsorpackages or have questions please contact PCO van Hauen at


Nordic Eus 2023 has been approved by EthicalMedTech

We are looking forward welcoming you to Nordic EUS 2023 in Oslo.

On behalf of Nordic EUS

Image by Max van den Oetelaar
Image by Chang Duong


Lars Aabakken

Christer Julseth Tønnesen

Vemund Paulsen

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